However,.here are also several stunning beaches, and visitors can also explore a series of caves. Some key phrases for vegetarians: gin jay กินเจ “I eat only vegetarian food” karunaa ma sac naam plan กรุณาไม่ใส่น้ำปลา “Please don't use fish sauce” karunaa ma sac pong Thu root กรุณาไม่ใส่ผงชูรส “Please don't use MAG” Thailand has many indigenous restaurant chains offering much the same fare as your average street stall, but with the added advantages of air conditioning, printed menus often in English and some semblance of hygiene. Premium brands: The two most popular premium brands are Heineken and Tiger, but San Miguel, Federbrau and other Asian beers such as the Japanese Asahi are also fairly commonplace. The price of this pay-as-you-use access is not too cheap, around 0.5 to 1 bah/minute; that is comparable to Internet cafés. It is possibly the largest market in the world, selling everything from household items to live, and sometimes endangered, 37 animals. To counter this, Thailand is targeting niche markets such as golf holidays, or holidays combined with medical treatment . There is also now a Chang Export brand at 5%. Makha Bucha มาฆบูชา - falls on the full moon in of the fourth Lunar month, which usually falls in February or March, and commemorates the spontaneous gathering of 1,250 people before the Buddha, which led to their ordination and subsequent enlightenment.

In 2017, it won't be uncommon to find a diverse range of SanctuStays, accommodations ranging from villas to apartments, resorts and more, offering complementary meditation facilities, health spas, wellness workshops and outdoor facilities to promote a holistic lifestyle and clearer path to self-discovery. 5. Go Green or Stay Home Sustainable travel means many things to many people, but there's no denying the trend for both travellers and accommodations becoming more environmentally and sustainably aware as well as responsible. The coming year will see over a third (36%*) of travellers planning to choose more eco-friendly travel options than they did in 2016 and nearly 2 in 5 (39%*) interested in an eco-tour travel experience. This mirrors the way in which people are increasingly finding ways to fulfil their aesthetic travel needs while maintaining cultural and environmental integrity by taking longer, more scenic routes and modes of transport. Eco-friendly stays are no longer the preserve of the few, but an expectation of the many. As the year progresses we will likely see increased discussion around economic incentives such as tax breaks for eco travellers (41%** of travellers would be in favour), introduction of an international standard for sustainable accommodation (41%* in favour) and transport providers giving travellers more information about carbon offsetting (26%* in favour). 6. Simple Pleasures Travellers in 2017 will be inspired by their own aspirations rather than material possessions. If fact, 58%* of travellers plan to prioritise spending on experiences rather than material possessions while they are on holiday in 2017.

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Thong.od ทองหยอด means “gold drop” and its shape is like a drop. Some provinces have their own version of Loy Krathong, such as Sukhothai where a spectacular show takes place. The 2012 research found that 10% of the population are fluent in English, and 32% can speak English at least at basic level, and the age group with most English speakers is 25-34. In 2014, 4.6 million Chinese visitors travelled to Thailand. 11 12 In 2015, Chinese tourists numbered 7.9 million or 27 percent of all international tourist arrivals, 29.8 million; 8.8 million more Chinese are expected in 2016. 10 Thailand relies heavily on Chinese tourists to meet its tourism revenue target of 2.2 trillion bah in 2015 and 2.3 trillion in 2016. Overview : Bangkok’s Chinatown, Thailand’s barges... Possession of cannabis กัญชา ganchaa, while illegal, is treated less harshly and, if busted, you may be able to pay an “on the spot fine” to get out, although even this can set you back tens of thousands of bah. Larger types start life as small lorries, and may have windows, and an additional central bench; smaller types are converted micro-vans, with a front bench facing backwards and a rear bench facing forwards. To counter this, Thailand is targeting niche markets such as golf holidays, or holidays combined with medical treatment . Assuming that you have no contraband and nothing to declare, you will be waved through. Its 3G services operate under the 2100MHz frequency.